New Restaurant

Three of us went to The Bay on 331 last night.  It sits at the foot of the bridge with a wonderful view of the bay, sand leading to the water, picnic table on the sand with a fire pit.  What more can you ask for?  Oh yeah – the food.  Two of us ordered the Bay Burger-lettuce, tomato, 2 small burgers on toasted bun with the option of several cheeses and bacon.  They were excellent.  The other member of the party ordered the snapper and crab cake plate-came with choice of 2 sides.  She said it was delicious.  Came with sauces that she loved.  Even if the food had been just so-so (which it definitely was not), the view and atmosphere can’t be beat.  The deck is huge (that’s where we ate), a couple of levels; a lower level had a small band, sofas around the edge.  They’re open every day from 11 – 9, Sunday brunch;  sushi is on the menu, along with small plates, entrees and desserts.  I think they have a full bar, although we had wine.  All three of us decided we would definitely return.


Wonderful Seafood

Five us went to Louisiana Lagniappe last night and I think I had the best meal that I’ve had in a long while.  My brother and I got the Cobia prepared with crab meat and shrimp with a brown butter sauce.  The cobia was grilled, topped with an ample amount of crab and shrimp, and served with the sauce.  Delicious.  The other three in the party had the ‘fish in a bag’ as my hubby calls it.  It was red snapper and my sister-in-law said it was the best red snapper she has EVER had.  Everything came with a salad and the twice baked potato served there.  And of course, the service was impeccable.  The wine was excellent.  The meal could not have been better.  Louisiana Lagniappe is one of my very favorite restaurants in Destin.



Today, I’m just listing a few of my favorite places in Destin:  790 on the Gulf (mentioned before) is a wonderful place for Happy Hour; Camille’s on Scenic Hwy 98 is great for sushi and they also have very good appetizers; Emerald Coast Winery on Scenic Hwy 98.  You can find almost any gift relating to wine and can, for a small fee,  have a special label put on a bottle of wine.  Makes a great gift; and Chan’s Wine World on Highway 98.  They have a fantastic cheese shop and a restaurant with very good food.

More food news later………

Best Happy Hour, Destin

I really hesitate to put this on my DishDiva Blog – it’s already crowded enough in the afternoons.  However, I would be remiss in my duty if I did not.

790 on the Gulf, Scenic Highway 98, undoubtedly has the best happy hour on the beach.  They have wine, beer and just recently got their pouring license.  The prices are great, and the appetizers are wonderful.  I especially like the Bar-B-Q shrimp, which comes with a loaf of bread for dipping.  Ummmm-delicious.  I think my favorite, though, is the trout.  It’s served over a slice of breaded and fried eggplant with a sauce on top.  You’ll just have to try this one.  They also have it on their lunch menu.  I have enjoyed everything on their appetizer menu.  The prices are a little less during Happy Hour than the regular menu.

The Happy Hour hours are from 3:00 to 7:00.  No Happy Hour on Monday.  They have a very personable wait staff and the service is very good.

This is a “must try” if you haven’t already.

Favorite Hamburger

Good morning Destinites, Visitors and Spring Breakers.

Welcome to my first blog.

You may wonder what qualifies me to write a blog about food.  Actually…nothing…except I love to eat and I have favorite places and things in the area.

Now…I’m going to tell you about my favorite hamburger.  Have you tried the hamburger at Back Porch?  In my opinion, it is wonderful.   First of all, it’s on the beach.  There’s nothing better than sitting in a restaurant ON THE BEACH, eating your favorite food and watching the waves and the people.

The hamburger is a large one, comes with fries and slaw and both items are good.  The staff is very efficient.

If anyone has another suggestion, please leave a comment.  I’ll be more than happy to try it and get back to you.  After all, that’s what I do best.